Free Lori

The Hudson Falcons

Ogg Vorbis audio

Falsely accused, unjustly tried
Sentenced by a hooded judge
Her human rights have been denied
Peru got pissed 'cause Ecuador got arms from the USA
So they kidnapped an American citizen
In the hills of the Andes, they locked her away
Hang on for your life - you're not forgotten

Free Lori Now
An innocent girl
Held against her will
In a Peruvian jail cell
We have to save her from hell

Tryin' to flex his muscles and be a world player
Fujimori and his government are nothing more
Than third world dictators
He stands on his country's poor
To make him appear one step higher
But he's just a fascist in diplomat's clothes
His people go hungry their souls on fire
And the girl sits all alone - We gotta get her out now

They massacred the Tupac Amaru
When they fought for political prisoners
There's no due process in Peru
Only torture if your thoughts differ
What if it was your own sister,
What if it was your own daughter being held
Solitary confinement for months at a time
Completely removed from the world outside
So they think they're forgotten, but they're not
We have to get her out