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Here you will find a listing of reports from various human rights organizations operating in Perú and throughout Latin America and books providing background information about Perú.

Human Rights Organizations

Books About Lori

Lori: My Daughter, Wrongfully Imprisoned in Peru
Rhoda Berenson. (Context Books, 2000)

Books About Perú

Perú: Time of Fear
Deborah Poole, Gerardo Renique. Latin American Bureau (London, 1992)

Perú: The Evolution of a Crisis
James D. Rudolph. Praeger (Westport, CN 1992)

The Perú Reader
Orin Starn, Robin Kirk (Ed), Carlos I. Degregori (Ed). Duke University Press (Raleigh, NC. 1995)

The Monkey's Paw: New Chronicles from Perú
Robin Kirk (Univ. of Massachusetts Press, December 1997)

The Shining Path : A History of the Millenarian War in Perú
Gustavo Gorriti Ellenbogen, Robin Kirk (Translator), Gustavo Gorriti (Univ of North Carolina Press, January 1999)