Lori Berenson Promotes Panetones from Huacariz Prison

IDEELE Radio, Lima -- 9 December 2005

by Jaime Herrera Atalaya

(Translated from Spanish)

For the third consecutive year the "Good Pastor" bakery from the Penitentiary of Huacariz in Cajamarca has promoted its "Panetón Huacariz" for the forthcoming Christmas celebrations. This bakery is very well-known for two of its workers, the inmates Lori Berenson and Luis Cabanillas, who jointly formed, with advisers from the penitentiary and the NGO SOROPTIMIST, the bakery company. In these three years they have obtained important contracts and are a legally established company providing baking services to the Regional Hospital of Cajamarca and to the Public Charity. In the bakery ten interns of the penitentiary of Huacariz work and will sell the panetones to institutions like the Municipality of Cajamarca, the school Santa Teresita, the National University of Cajamarca, and other establishments. Lori Berenson has specialized in the creation of pastelillos for special events. She gave declarations for our program as long as nothing was asked about her personal life or her sentence. Berenson asked that political prisoners be considered as human beings and not as monsters, and that they be given the opportunity to work.