Peruvian Official Says Fujimori Tendered Resignation

Reuters -- 20 November 2000

LIMA, Peru - Peru's President Alberto Fujimori, holed up in a hotel in Japan, has presented his resignation, the head of Congress said on Monday.

``President Fujimori's resignation letter has arrived, addressed to members of Congress,'' Valentin Paniagua, an opposition figure elected head of parliament last week, told reporters.

``Congress will resolve the matter of this letter and the resignation request tomorrow,'' he said.

He declined to give details. Fujimori has given no clue about when -- or if -- he will return from Japan, his ancestral homeland.

Cornered by escalating charges of government corruption in a nine-week-old crisis that has rocked the country, Fujimori announced on Sunday his intention to quit, leaving his Second Vice President Ricardo Marquez in charge. Many in the opposition favor Paniagua taking his place and have said they are preparing congressional moves to declare Fujimori morally unfit to rule, rather than accept his resignation.