Writings of Lori Berenson

A Message From Lori Berenson: Freedom After 20 Years
December 2015
A short note from Lori following completion of her sentence.

Lori Berenson's Full Statement to Appeals Court: August 16, 2010
16 August 2010
Transcript of Lori's testimony before a three-judge panel considering whether to revoke Lori's parole.

End-of-Year Letter from Lori Berenson
30 November 2008
Lori's message marking the end of 2008, her 13th year in prison.

Peruvian Elections on April 9th 2006
21 March 2006
Finally the Peruvian elections are coming up. On April 9, Peruvians will vote for their President and Congressional Representatives. As odd as it may sound, Perú has been living in a quasi-electoral period since about 2002. Most of the actors in the current campaign have been campaigning for years now, although none of the viable candidates have platforms that would create meaningful socio-economic change.

An American Way of Life
31 January 2006
As 2005 comes to a close, among the events of the year, hurricane Katrina comes to mind as one of the most horrific examples of why the so-called American way of life is so wrong. Here in a third world, Latin American country, the American way of life amounts to images of fast food chains and the military assistance given to tyrants all over the world. It’s the free trade agreements the US wants to impose on third world governments. It’s the brutal invasion of Iraq.

Lori's advice to college students
23 April 2005
In the 2005 spring semester, as part of a general education course at Montclair State University, Global Issues III: International Justice and Human Rights, team-taught by Mark and Professor David Dodd, Director of the Justice Studies Program, students wrote to Lori inquiring about several social justice and human rights issues. One student asked Lori specifically, "what advice would you give to college students?".

Assorted Thoughts on Truth, Lies, and Paradoxes
23 August 2003
Reflections on the media's treatment of truth and lies.

The Ghost of Terrorism Revived: Psychological Campaign on the Eve of the Report by Perú's Commission of Truth and Reconciliation
21 July 2003
Lori writes as the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission wraps up its final hearings.

Reflections on Prisonsers of War, Political Prisoners, and Human Rights
20 April 2003
Lori writes about human rights in the context of the US 'War on Terror'.

No More War! No More Impunity!
27 March 2003
Lori writes against the U.S. war against Iraq.

Concerning Yanamayo Prison - Action Alert From Lori Berenson
4 August 2002
Lori calls on the Peruvian Government to close the Yanamayo and Chalapalca prisons.

Lori Berenson on the Decision of the IACHR and its Ramifications
July 2002
A message from Lori, regarding the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights decision in her favor.

Political prisoner Lori Berenson speaks out on human rights in Perú and on terrorism.
July 2002
Political prisoner Lori Berenson speaks out on human rights in Perú and on terrorism.

"In Defense of the Rights of Political Prisoners" -- A Dispatch from Lori Berenson
11 May 2002
Lori condemns the treatment of political prisoners in Perú, and calls on the human rights community to demand and end to the repression and the closing of the Challapalca prison.

Lori Berenson's statement on beginning a hunger strike
18 February 2002
Lori's statement as she commences her hunger strike.

Closing Statement of Lori Berenson
20 June 2001
Full (English and Spanish) text of Lori's closing statement to the court.

Lori's statement -- 4th anniversary of sentencing
11 January 2000
A statement written by Lori in prison, read at vigils marking the fourth anniversary of her wrongful sentencing.

A 1999 New Year's Greeting from Lori
December 1999
A handwritten New Year's greeting from Lori Berenson.

Letter to the human rights community
22 August 1998

Lori Berenson's Remarks at her "Presentation"
8 January 1996
A transcript of Lori Berenson's statement at her "Presentation" in Perú.