News from Lori's Parents

11 March 1999

In this update:

Human Rights Delegation Reports on Visit with Lori: Calls for Her Release

In separate press conferences held in NYC and in Los Angeles, the members of the human rights delegation that visited Lori last week in Socabaya prison reported on that meeting.

The meeting, which lasted for two hours, occurred in a circle and Lori was able to hug the visitors. The members reported that Lori reiterated her innocence and her desire to be free and come home. The Rev. Lucius Walker, Director of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO)/Pastors for Peace, was struck by her selflessness and concern for others. Journalist Amy Goodman described her as a humble person. Others commented on her deep convictions and strength of character.

The entire delegation expressed concern for Lori's deteriorated physical health and the impact that three years and three months in isolation from friends might have on her mental health. Having spoken with Ambassador Jett, the entire delegation also expressed a deep disappointment in the lack of proactivity by the State Department in defending the rights of a wrongfully incarcerated American citizen.

Given that Perú has not shown any willingness to comply with requests from President Clinton, the State Department, the Congress, the United Nations, numerous human rights groups, and citizens from around the world to give Lori a fair and open trial in a civilian court, and given the State Department's annual human rights report on Perú was so scathing with respect to corruption in its justice system -- one which Human Rights Watch: Americas calls as bad as any in this hemisphere -- the delegation has called for Lori's immediate release.

Listen to Recorded Radio Program on Web Site

Amy Goodman, host of Pacifica Radio's "Democracy Now" conducted an interview with the other delegation members following their visit to Lori and a meeting with Ambassador Dennis Jett in Lima. The program was broadcast on Friday, March 5th, nationwide. For those supporters with access to sound on your computers, you can listen to this important program by accessing it on the web site. Each of the delegates reflects on Lori's situation and describes the meeting with Ambassador Jett.

New York Times Article

The New York Times article "New Yorker in Perú Jail Found in Poor Health" appeared on March 11th. It can be found on the web site

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