News from Lori's Parents

3 February 1999

In this update:

Urgent Action for Lori: E-Mail to "Free Fax" White House Today

Dear Friends and Supporters of Lori Berenson:

It is easy to send an email that will be delivered to the White House as a fax. The fax is much more high-profile and noticeable -- and we've beem told it's free! Please send President Clinton a free fax today -- he meets with President Fujimori on Friday, and he may also meet with him tomorrow.

Simply compose your letter as you would an email, but instead of the email address in the To field, type exactly what is printed on the next line:


You can put anything, like "Fujimori & Lori Berenson" in the Subject field. Then send it as you would your email. It is converted, free of charge, to a fax and delivered to the White House. You get an email notifying you when it has been delivered.

Dr. Alan Cheney in St.Louis, MO provided us with the above information and offers a copy of his letter that he sent via free fax. You can copy and use it, or paraphrase it in your own words.

Thanks for your help.

Rhoda and Mark Berenson

Note that Lori has been wrongfully imprisoned, without due process, for over 38 months -- and has lived under horrendous, barbaric conditions. The last 4 months were spent in solitary confinement in violation of Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which deals with cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Note that Lori has always maintained her innocence. And note that last summer the Peruvian Prime Minister stated that Lori should be pardoned and returned to the U.S.

Sample Letter

February 3, 1999

President Bill Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington DC, 20500

Dear President Clinton,

I am very concerned about Lori Berenson's imprisonment in Perú. I am aware of your upcoming meeting with President Fujimori this week and understand that you are considering supplying additional aid to Perú at that time.

It concerns me that the US government continues to offer support to a country that is holding one of our citizens hostage. Ms. Berenson has received no fair trial and, as Ambassador Jett pointed out, has received unduly harsh treatment due to her US citizenship. It is your responsibility to secure the release of any US citizen wrongfully imprisoned in a foreign country, as Ms. Berenson is currently.

I expect you to press for Lori's release any time you have contact with President Fujimori. It seems that your meeting this week is an ideal time to resolve this matter.



- Rhoda and Mark Berenson