News from Lori's Parents

18 December 1999

This is day 1,480 of Lori's wrongful incarceration.

In this update:

Save the date: January 11, 2000 -- Nationwide candlelight vigils

January 11 will mark four years since a hooded Peruvian military tribunal sentenced Lori to life in prison while a hooded soldier held a gun to her head.

On this anniversary of Lori's wrongful sentencing, we will rededicate our commitment and build new momentum to obtain Lori's release. Vigils will be held across the country -- in Los Angeles CA, San Francisco CA, Tucson AZ, Denver CO, Washington DC, Paterson NJ, and in New York City. More information on these and possibly other vigils will follow.

Greetings from Lori

Lori's web site will contain a holiday/millennium greeting in her own handwriting (including the prison censor's stamp "REVISADO") along with a typed English translation. This will be posted today.

Municipalities support Lori

A recent resolution passed by the City Council of Berkeley CA and a recent proclamation from Mayor John Yunits of the City of Brockton MA now join the resolutions from the City Council of Los Angeles CA and the City Council of Cambridge MA in urging Lori's release.

In the news

Recent articles about Lori include those that appeared in the Palm Beach Post and in The Nation. The latter is a humorous account written by Lori's long-time friend and journalist Daniel Radosh. These articles and others pertaining to the Peruvian political situation will appear on Lori's web site later today.

Recent activities

The past week was one with many activities. On December 8th Mark spoke to hundreds of civic-minded and concerned students from Brockton High School and other high schools in that area. With all the sensational press about violence in the schools and the attitude of selfishness among today's teenagers, we know Lori will be uplifted to learn about the caring and compassion displayed by these students.

On December 9th Rhoda was joined by fellow faculty, administration, staff, and students in a candlelight vigil on the campus of Nassau Community College. Several participants read poetry they had written and dedicated to Lori and these now appear on the web site along with the earlier poems.

On December 10th Rhoda and Mark spoke at the Five Towns Forum in Nassau County, NY while National Organizer Gail Taylor spoke on public radio from Washington. Earlier in the week, Gail joined radio host Amy Goodman of NPR's "Democracy Now" to discuss Lori on a radio program from Colorado. On December 12th Rhoda and Mark spoke in New York City on a WBAI radio program concerning progressive Judaism and women.

A message from Rhoda and Mark

We are very grateful for all your help and for all your support, both financially and psychologically. We will always be indebted to so many special people who have come into our lives and have helped sustain us. Lori dreams of a brighter future for all of humanity. We hold that dream too. May this new year, and start of a new decade, century, and millennium, be one filled with health and happiness for you and your loved ones, and in our lifetime may we all see true peace on earth and respect for human dignity for all people, all over the world.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson