News from Lori's Parents

29 April 1999

In this update:

Update: Rhoda visits Lori

Rhoda visited Lori on Saturday April 24th and all was quiet at Socabaya Prison. Fortunately, there were no "crazy rumors" this week!

Urge your Senator to sign the letter for Lori now circulating int the U.S. Senate

A letter is now circulating in the Senate that urges a humanitarian release for Lori. The letter is cosponsored by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Democrat, New York) and Senator Jim Jeffords (Republican, Vermont).

The content of this letter and also the one that has been circulating in the House of Representatives can be found on our website.

PLEASE CALL your Senator in Washington DC (202-224-3121) and ask the operator to be connected to your Senator's office. Tell the receptionist you are a constituent and want to speak to the Legislative Assistant dealing with foreign affairs. Tell the Legislative Assistant you would like the Senator to sign the letter being circulated by Senators Moynihan and Jeffords which seeks a humanitarian release for Lori Berenson. Tell the Legislative Assistant to contact either Margaret Sloane in Senator Moynihan's office at extension 44451 or Hillary Hoffman in Senator Jeffords' office at extension 45141 to receive more information.

Thanks for your help on this!

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson