News from Lori's Parents

21 April 1999

In this update:

Perú violates Vienna Convention leaving Lori incommunicado: Parents express concerns for Lori's health and well being

We have serious concerns for Lori's health and well-being. The Peruvian government, violating the Vienna Convention and retracting a promise to the US government, has refused to permit Lori to contact US Embassy officials in Lima. Although we have urged the US Embassy to establish telephone communication with Lori, this has not been accomplished as yet. Thus we have been visiting her weekly.

Many of you have expressed frustration with the letters you are now receiving from the State Department which erroneously report Lori's health is good and insinuates her incarceration is humane. We wish this were true! We are the only ones who see her regularly and we can report that neither is Lori's health good nor is her treatment humane.

When Mark visited on Sunday, April 18th, it was clear that Lori's hands continue to be reddish purple and swollen and her face bright red -- indicating that circulatory problems are still plaguing her. In addition, her hands continue to become numb when washing herself or her clothing and now that the weather is dry and colder at Socabaya, her hands are developing multiple cuts and abrasions as they did in the winters at Yanamayo. She is again suffering from a throat infection and this past week was seen by a doctor. However, treatment by antibiotics for the throat further exacerbate her digestive problems. Although Lori has been on a special diet for five months, her stomach problems have not been alleviated -- they have been exacerbated from stress and tension brought on by four months of total isolation and now nearly two months of harassment, including slanderous allegations and frightening false rumors. At present, her eye sight is stable, but she still loses some vision in the right eye in the evenings. She continues to take medication for the arthritis in her hands and knees.

In addition, Perú continues to violate Lori's rights under Articles 2, 5, 12, and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She is constantly singled out for harassment by officials who want her elsewhere and she is harassed daily by prisoners who try to win favors from the officials. False reports leaked to the press, the latest of which was that Lori had committed suicide, have been extremely stressful to her and to us. Lori wishes to assure you, and we can assure you, that Lori is not suicidal!

"Free Lori" bumper stickers and posters available

Thanks to the efforts of B. McIndoe in Massachusetts, bumper stickers and posters are now available at no cost to supporters to display on vehicles, bulletin boards, and other prominent places. The bumper stickers are white printing on a red and blue field. The 11 by 17 inch posters are in black and white with a photo of Lori.

If you wish to receive and help distribute these items, please send a brief email note to

stating how many bumper stickers and/or how many posters you would like. Provide your name and a mailing address. These items will be mailed directly at no cost to you.

Congressional letters

Please remind your Congressional Representative to sign the letter being circulated in the House of Representatives by Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney urging President Clinton to act on Lori's behalf. Tell your Representative to contact Legislative Assistant Maggie McDow at 57944 for more information.

A letter being prepared in the Senate by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan is expected next week and will be announced in our next update.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson