News from Lori's Parents

8 April 1999

In this update:

Urge your Congressional Representative to sign the letter to President Clinton circulating in the House of Representatives

A letter is now circulating in the House of Representatives that urges President Clinton to do all within his power to effectuate immediate justice for Lori. The letter, initiated by Congresswoman Carolyn B.Maloney (Democrat, New York), is co-sponsored by Congressman Jim Leach (Republican, Iowa), Congresswoman Constance A. Morella (Republican, Maryland), and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (Democrat, California).

PLEASE CALL your Congressional Representative in Washington DC (202-225-3121) and ask the operator to be connected to the office of your Congressperson. Tell the receptionist you are a constituent and want to speak to the Legislative Assistant dealing with foreign affairs. Tell the Legislative Assistant you would like your Congressperson to sign the letter to President Clinton, being circulated by Congresswoman Maloney, urging him to effectuate immediate justice for Lori Berenson. Tell the Legislative Assistant to contact Maggie McDow in Congresswoman Maloney's office at extension 57944 to receive more information.

Note: A different letter is being prepared in the U.S. Senate and we will announce that Call to Action in a future update.

Update: Rhoda leaves for Perú again

Owing to the tension which has persisted at Socabaya Prison, despite President Fujimori's personal retraction of false accusations about Lori which had recently appeared in Peruvian media, Rhoda will be visiting Lori again on Saturday -- two weeks after the last visit.

U.S. Embassy officials visited Lori on March 23rd and again on April 5th to monitor her situation. Given that the Prison Director now has a cellular phone, we have urged the Embassy to establish a phone link with Lori under the Vienna Convention which permits interaction between a prisoner and her own government. Such phone arrangements were made previously when Lori was incarcerated in Yanamayo. Without such communication, Lori remains incommunicado with the outside world except for our visits and infrequent visits from the Catholic Church and International Red Cross.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson