News from Lori's Parents

21 October 1998

In this update:


Lori is in solitary confinement

Lori was moved to Socabaya Prison for medical tests on Wednesday, October 7th. We were told that this low security prison with a medical facility has no telephone links and Lori was incommunicado from the State Department until Monday, October 19th when the Consular Officer from Lima visited her.

"I am totally and absolutely isolated from the world." Lori has been placed in an isolated wing of the prison and has been in solitary confinement -- except for the visit from the U.S. Consular officer and from the Peruvian Government Ombudsman from the city of Arequipa. Except for the guards that bring her food and water, and put her on the outdoor patio by herself for one hour each day, Lori sees nobody and speaks to nobody. She has no access to radio, TV, newspapers, or magazines. Lori told the Consular Officer that "I am totally and absolutely isolated from the world!"

Although the weather is a little warmer at this altitude, it is still quite cold at night when the wind blows through the slats of the unpaned hallway window. Lori's cell is unheated and in all other respects similar to that in Yanamayo -- except that the lighting is worse than at Yanamayo!

Lori is blindfolded in transit

When Lori is taken to the clinic for medical tests it was reported by Peruvian government officials that she is hooded and wrapped in blankets and escorted by armed guards! She is transported back to her cell the same way!

Fact: Lori receiving "special mistreatment" by Perú

The Ombudsman's office in Arequipa held a news conference yesterday and alleged that Lori said she was a political prisoner in Perú and wanted to return to Yanamayo to be with other political prisoners because she did not belong in Socabaya, where she is totally isolated and then blindfolded whenever she is moved around.

We will be visiting Lori on Saturday and learn for ourselves the status of her health and the truth about her situation.

San Francisco Event

Friday, October 23rd
7:30 p.m.
Mission Cultural Center
2868 Mission Street

"Human Rights in Perú"
Guest Speaker: Marga Lacabe, Director, Direchos Humanos
Music: Blase Bonpane, Jr. (called California's Billy Bragg)

To commemorate the upcoming third anniversary of Lori's wrongful incarceration, there will be a discussion about human rights in Perú, the current political climate in Perú, and Lori's case.

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- Rhoda and Mark Berenson