News from Lori's Parents

11 November 1998

In this update:

Update: Visit to Lori on November 7th

I've just returned from visiting Lori. Unlike the previous visit at Socabaya which was personal and up close (as seen in The New York Times photo, page A8, Friday Nov. 6), this visit was held in the locutorio behind double mesh screens to preclude direct contact. The lighting was poor.

Physical Health

No further medical tests were given to Lori over the two-week period. However, during this time Lori had suffered from a strep throat infection which was treated with antibiotics. Her hands were still purple and swollen and Lori admitted to pain, stiffness, and then numbness in her right thumb and middle finger, symptoms of the already diagnosed arthritis and circulation problems. When this happens Lori said she must stop what she is doing, be it writing, knitting, or washing in cold water. When the sensation returns she continues her work. Lori also said that she suffers from stiffness in her knees from time to time -- also diagnosed as arthritic.

Continued Isolation/Solitary Confinement

Lori asked about progress in eliminating her isolation, which she noted had lasted 32 days as of Nov. 9. Lori says she spends lots of time each day singing in her cell so she can her a human voice, albeit her own.

Concern Over Meeting With OAS Officials in Perú

Lori expressed a strong desire to meet with OAS officials currently studying human rights issues in Perú and impending cases. Since the hearing at OAS headquarters in Washington DC on October 8th, Lori has been waiting for the opportunity to describe in full the government of Perú's continued violations of her fundamental human rights. As of this writing, we do not know if they will be visiting her or not.

Friday, November 13th -- Lori's 29th Birthday

At Lori's request I brought her gua-gua, an indigenous biscuit bread common to the southern Andes which is often used on special occasions. Lori plans to eat it on her birthday. This will be Lori's 3rd birthday in prison -- she has been incarcerated illegally for more than 10% of her life!

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson