News from Lori's Parents

2 November 1998

In this update:

Fund Raising on Lori's Behalf

Over the 35 months of Lori's incarceration, many of you have inquired about contributing to a "defense fund" for her. We had been reluctant to start fund raising; however, the prolonged nature of this ordeal makes fund raising necessary.

In order to better organize and coordinate the efforts of individuals and groups across the country working to secure justice for Lori, the Committee for Inter-American Human Rights has been incorporated. Its first project is the COMMITTEE TO FREE LORI BERENSON. This will support legal and other humanitarian efforts on her behalf and will also disseminate information, seek publicity and reach out to the business, education, labor, human rights, and religious communities.

Many of you have already contributed monetarily to this committee and we thank you again. Others may not be able to contribute monetarily but we very much appreciate your continuing efforts through calls, letter writing etc. on Lori's behalf.

If you wish to make a monetary contribution, it can be done in two ways:

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson