News from Lori's Parents

26 November 1996

This week, November 30, marks one year since Lori's arrest. A lot has happened in that year. Thanks to all your efforts, support for Lori's case is gaining in Congress, in the State Department and in the executive offices.

In August, when Representative Bill Richardson of NM visited Perú and spoke with Peruvian authorities about Lori's situation, newspaper accounts in Perú and the US stated that both governments see Lori as "a thorn in the side of US-Peruvian relations." We have all of you to thank for making her a "thorn."

Also, thanks for the letters you wrote to members of Congress. In August, 87 Representatives and 20 Senators signed letters to President Fujimori. You might want to thank your Representative and Senators if they signed and encourage their continued support, or write letters to garner new support from those who did not sign or were newly elected.

Unfortunately, Perú is ignoring the demands of the United Nations and every human rights group to do away with military tribunals and is resisting US pressure to grant Lori a fair trial. It is, therefore, necessary to keep Lori's story alive and to continue to urge US officials to increase the pressure on Perú. Please take the time to join our letter-writing campaign.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson