News from Lori's Parents

6 March 1996

In this update:

Statement from Lori's Father, Mark Berenson

Dear Colleagues and Supporters of Lori:

There are 4 essential messages:

  1. Lori has had absolutely no due process and must have a fair trial.
  2. Lori continues to maintain her innoncence of the charges of treason and terrorism.
  3. Transfer to a U.S. prison is inappropriate because Lori would have no opportunity to ever clear her name. Under the treaty with Perú, Lori would have to serve a life sentence without parole -- there would be no presidential pardon because that would void the treaty and endanger Americans in future situations.
  4. Lori's "final review" process has now commenced -- the expectation is that the decision will be rendered between March 21-23. The prosecutor has recommended the life sentence be maintained despite two very important "Op Ed" articles in Perú stating that the charges and sentence are excessive, unfair, and unjust.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson