News from Lori's Parents

30 January 1996

In this update:

Mark Berenson's Statement on Lori's Rejected Appeal

This afternoon (Tuesday) I was informed that Lori has lost her first appeal. Her lawyer felt he presented enough evidence to show the three judge panel that the numerous violations of Peruvian law alone warranted the case be moved to the civilian court and he pointed out that the so-called evidence against her is flimsy. Nevertheless, they maintained the sentence of life imprisonment without parole and acknowledged her lawyer's complaints by fining the prosecutor for misconduct in developing the case.

It is now clear to me that Lori was convicted on day 1 when President Fujimori held up her passport on TV and said we have a North American who will face Peruvian justice. He is angry at the US and wants to send a message. He has defied State Department "calls for a civilian trial." The outrage continues. I returned from Perú last week totally convinced that Lori is innocent of the charges of treason and terrorism. Apparently, Perú is afraid to show the world how weak its case against her is.

I ask for your continued support and assistance in my effort to get Lori a fair trial in a civilian court. Please call your congressional representatives and senators again.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson