News from Lori's Parents

5 January 1996

In this update:

Mark Berenson's Statement on Lori's Condition

US Embassy saw her and found her physically strong but calmly expecting the worst. She has been moved to a holding jail across the street from DINCOTE which was described by the embassy as a 'third world jail.'

Lori's immediate concern was about the health of a women brought into her cell from the hospital yesterday. Lori was upset over the lack of medical treatment which felt the woman needed and through the Embassy requested I contact the International Red Cross. This woman had been wounded in the December 1 gun battle. The Red Cross was aware of the medical problem and said that medicine was brought to her but that she was not allowed to be physically examined by Red Cross MDs until Friday January 5th. Since this is the only person Lori is sharing a cell with I am sure she will do whatever she can to sustain her until tomorrow.

Tom Nooter has spoken with Dr. Achahui, the Peruvian lawyer, and was informed that the file-review process has begun for 24 prisoners (two more?) but does not expect the sentencing until Saturday (Spanish Christmas -- seis de Enero) or Monday and no certainly no later than Tuesday.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson