News from Lori's Parents

19 August 2010

In this update:

Reason for Lori's Re-incarceration

Some recent media reports have contained inaccuracies when explaining Lori's parole revocation. As part of her parole request, Lori informed the court where she would be living if released. The court approved this residence before releasing Lori on parole, and the police inspected it multiple times while she was living there. They were supposed to inspect it before she moved in, but failed to do so. Because this pre-occupancy inspection was not carried out, Lori and Salvador have been sent back to prison.

This is the only reason the appeals court revoked Lori's parole this week.

The Peruvian Times Interviews Lori

Lori was interviewed by The Peruvian Times after her appeals court hearing on August 16th. This interview was to be published ONLY if she were sent back to jail. Two days later her parole was revoked, and she returned to prison. Today, The Peruvian Times posted this interview on their website as seven audio segments. The interview is in English, and is accompanied by photographs. Please listen to this excellent interview at

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson