News from Lori's Parents

18 August 2010

In this update:

Lori Berenson Reincarcerated

Sadly and unjustly, Lori and Salvador have been returned to prison today. Right after Lori was released on parole on May 27 the state prosecutor appealed the judge's decision. On August 16 there was a hearing on the appeal and today, August 18, there was a decision to annul the parole based on a procedural issue that was not the responsibility of Lori or her defense. Upon hearing the resolution, Lori turned herself over to the police. Until this procedural issue is resolved Lori must remain in prison. During her move to the prison, broadcast live on TV, we saw Salvador almost crushed by a hoard of cameraman and journalists, indifferent to the wellbeing of a 15-month old baby.

After the procedural issue is resolved there will be another hearing where we hope that parole will be sustained and she will be released once again. However, this will take several months and there is no guarantee of parole. Over the years hundreds of prisoners convicted of terrorism related crimes, Peruvians and foreign nationals, have been released on parole. Lori has been the subject of a media circus since she was released.  Hardly a day has passed since May 25 without at least a dozen news items demonizing Lori. Politicians of every stripe have tried to outdo each other in their condemnations, using the case of a US citizen for political purposes.

Urgent Call to Action

Please call the White House hotline (202-456-1111) and when instructed ask for a "hotline" operator and urge President Obama to immediately come to the aid of a wrongfully incarcerated US citizen and a completely innocent child.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson