News from Lori's Parents

13 March 2005

In this update:

Lori's lawyers submit document to Inter-American Court

Ramsey Clark submitted a lengthy document requesting the Inter-American Court to clarify and interpret numerous points mentioned in its November 25th decision in Lori's case. It will be of interest to learn through clarification how the Court interpreted that Lori's civilian trial did not violate the American Convention on Human Rights when the Court ruled unanimously that Perú's anti-terrorism laws still do not comply with international standards and must be brought into alignment with them. This is but one of the many points that has to be clarified.

N.A.C.L.A. publishes Mark's analysis of the court's capitulation to Peruvian Political pressure

Until the Court can demonstrate otherwise, to our thinking there is only one reason for its inexplicable decision. The Court bowed to Peruvian political pressure and abrogated its responsibility to protect human rights by sacrificing Lori. The reasons are articulated in the hypotheses developed by Mark B. in "Perú vs. Lori Berenson: The Case Continues" that appears in the Open Forum column of the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) Report on the Americas, March/April 2005, pp. 4-5. The article was an analysis of events that led to the Court's capitulation in Lori's case and is based on over 160 articles that appeared in Peruvian media throughout the month of November 2004, leading up to the Court decision.

It should be remembered that during Perú's "gloating" over its victory, it was pointed out that the Court's preliminary analysis and decision distributed to the judges on November 10th for discussion in closed door hearings on November 24th and 25th called for Lori's release.

Former Peruvian Prime Minister's book argues that the court capitulated to Peruvian political pressure

International jurist and former Prime Minister of Perú Javier Valle Riestra just published the fifth edition of his text, La Jurisdiccion Supranacional, in which he states that the Court's decision was political and it caused a grave injustice to Lori. Dr. Valle Riestra describes what was wrong with the Court's verdict.

Mark and Ramsey will discuss Lori's case on radio program in honor of Women's History Month

Mark and Ramsey Clark will be on David Occhiuto's WBAI radio program which airs from 11 to 11:55 a.m. in NYC on Tuesday March 15th. This is in honor of Women's History Month. The program typically deals with human rights and environmental issues and Mark will read statements from Lori relating to the impact of environmental neglect on the lives of Perú's indigenous peoples.

The program can be heard live at 11 a.m. Eastern time by visiting the homepage of the Website and clicking "listen on line."

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson