News from Lori's Parents

24 October 2004

In this update:

San Jose court dates announced: Agenda not yet set

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights announced that its final session of the year will take place between Monday, November 15, and Saturday, December 4, in San Jose, Costa Rica. The agenda for this final Court session of the year has not yet been announced. We are hopeful that Lori's case will be decided in this forthcoming session.

Rhoda visits Lori in Cajamarca prison

Rhoda found Lori to be in good spirits as she awaits the decision of the San Jose Court. Except for her hands, which remain swollen owing to the chronic circulatory problem that evolved from her incarceration at frigid and high-altitude Yanamayo Prison from January 1996 through October 1998, Lori's was feeling fine. She continues to spend her days in the prison bakery, making breads and cakes for the inmates as well as for the Cajamarca community. Although she wears appropriate gloves, the continual washing of the pots and vats in cold water has not helped - but she is nevertheless happy to be baking and contributing to the community. She spends the rest of her time reading, writing, listening to the news on radio, making hand-stitched cards, and knitting.

Lori submits absentee ballot for November elections

Rhoda returned from Perú with Lori's signed and sealed absentee ballot that was provided to her by the Department of State. This marks the third presidential election in which Lori has cast an absentee ballot from a Peruvian prison cell. Hopefully, it will be her last!

Indianapolis Peace & Justice Journal article calls for Lori's freedom

Writing of his fifth trip to Perú to meet with Lori, the Rev. Dr. William J. Nottingham, president emeritus - Division of Overseas Ministries Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the US and Canada, published an article, "Free Lori Berenson," in the October issue of the Indianapolis Peace & Justice Journal.

We are most grateful to Rev. Dr. Nottingham for his continued support for Lori and for us over these many years. We know him to be an extraordinary individual whose love and compassion for those who have suffered oppression is boundless.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson