News from Lori's Parents

30 November 2004

In this update:

Lori completes ninth year of wrongful incarceration

Tonight, at 7 p.m., marked the ninth anniversary of Lori's arrest following her forced removal from a public bus in downtown Lima by plain-clothed police. We certainly hope that this will mark the last year of her wrongful incarceration.

Decision on Lori's case expected to be rendered Friday Dec. 3

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights stated today that the decision on Lori's case will likely be rendered on Friday. The Court met last week for two days behind "closed doors" and Peruvian sources claim the detailed Court report is between 140 and 170 pages that needed to be typed and carefully reviewed before a decision is announced.

Perú's "Council of the State" called into session Thursday Dec. 2 to examine alternative responses to verdict in Lori's case

Chaos and sensationalism reign in Perú over Lori's case. The President of the Congress has called a special session of the "Council of State" on Thursday to examine Lori's case and discuss alternatives on how Perú should respond to possible decisions expected from the Court. The "Council of State" is comprised of leading members of the Peruvian government, including President Alejandro Toledo, the Attorney General and the Chief of the Council of Magistrates. This follows hundreds of articles in the Peruvian media speculating on the Court's decision and Perú's responses.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson