News from Lori's Parents

19 August 2004

In this update:

Update on court decision in Lori's case

Although there had been rumors in the Peruvian press that Lori's case would be decided in the August 30 - September 9 session of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, we have learned from the Court in San Jose, Costa Rica that the earliest the decision will be made will be at the Court's final session of the year -- likely late November or early December.

Mark visits Lori in Cajamarca

As winter winds down in Cajamarca, Mark recently visited with Lori and spent two beautiful sunny days in Huacariz Prison. Lori was in very good spirits but very busy. Lori and a handful of other prisoners volunteered to participate in a bakery program and were taught to use the modern equipment donated by the government of Japan in a bakery located within the prison. These prisoners run the bakery and must use their own funds to purchase ingredients and then they divide the profits. (Profits are not huge since rolls sell for about 35 cents per dozen). Part of the bread is sold to the prison system for distribution at meal time and the rest of the bread as well as pastries and cakes are sold separately to inmates, prison workers and the local residents of Cajamarca.

Lori appreciates being kept busy and out of her cold cell and finds the time passes faster.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson