News from Lori's Parents

19 April 2003

In this update:

Lori's Weekend Visit

At the end of March Lori was visited together by Marie Manrique, a human rights activist, and the Rev. Dr. William J. Nottingham of the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis and the Christian Church-Disciples of Christ. Lori was grateful and thrilled by these "whole weekend" visits. They spent their time discussing numerous subjects, including the war in Iraq, and each has written an article. Marie Manrique's article, "Experiencing the Effects and Resolving the Past in Perú: Reflections on a visit to Lori Berenson" was distributed by Rights Action. The Rev. Dr. Nottingham's article "Whom Would Jesus Bomb?" was published by NUVO News (Indianapolis). Lori's article "No More War! No More Impunity!" appeared on her Spanish Website and was distributed to human rights groups throughout Latin America. Over 90% of the Peruvian population was against the coalition invasion of Iraq and Lori was very upset that this situation could not have been resolved without violence.

Lori's Spanish Website Surprisingly Given Citation of Distinction in Perú!!!!

Although some of the heavily biased Peruvian media tried to trash the new Website when it was launched last month, we were quite surprised to learn recently that Lori's Spanish Website was given a "Citation of Distinction" from the Peruvian internet organization Adonde. We wish to express our thanks to Adonde for this honor. Congratulations go to Webmasters JP in Ecuador and Ken in Atlanta for their great work! For those of you who speak Spanish, Adonde is an excellent resource for information. The URL is

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson