News from Lori's Parents

In this update: web site nominated for prestigious "Webby" Award

Congratulations to our webmaster Ken Dubberly who has been informed that the Free Lori web site has been nominated as one of five finalists for the 6th Annual Webby Awards in the "Personal Web Site" category. This honor signifies the highest standard of excellence in web development. The Free Lori web site is eligible for two of the industry's most sought-after awards: (1) The Webby Award; and (2) The People's Voice Award.

The Webby Awards are chosen by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences -- a diverse group of people representing luminaries in their content category as well as experts on the Internet. They include such people as film director Francis Ford Coppola, musicians David Bowie and Beck, cyberguru Esther Dyson, CEO of Real Networks Rob Glaser, Chef Julia Child, and Electronic Frontier Foundation Founder John Perry Barlow. Members also include writers and editors from publications such as The New York Times, Wired, Forbes, Details, Fast Company, Elle, The Los Angeles Times, Vibe, and WallPaper.

The People's Voice Award winners are selected by the online public. You all have an opportunity to vote - as do your friends! To cast a vote, please visit the site at Or see step-by-step voting instructions.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, June 18 in San Francisco. Ken Dubberly will be attending the event.

For a complete list of nominees, past judges, and past winners, please visit the official sites of The Webby Awards and The Academy.

This nomination will certainly increase the number of people who will be reading and learning about Lori and hopefully many will join in our Committee's efforts to secure her freedom.

We know Lori will be very pleased when she learns about this. Lori has never seen the web site and she has never met Ken Dubberly but she has frequently expressed her gratitude to him for his endeavors. We once again thank him for his tireless, voluntary efforts.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson