News from Lori's Parents

14 March 2002

In this update:

Lori ends 25-day hunger strike

Rhoda was thrilled to hear Lori's voice on the telephone this afternoon -- telephone privileges from the prison were suspended when the hunger strike by political prisoners began in Lima on February 11. Lori had joined the strike on February 18, hours before the Supreme Court announced it upheld her sentence.

Lori sounded strong and although she said she was not ready to "run a marathon" she said she felt fine. Her last previous meal had been on Sunday evening February 17 and she has been living on sugarwater since. Lori was also grateful for the visit from US Consular Officer Hugo Rodriguez last Friday. He had reported to us that Lori looked healthy on the 19th day of her hunger protest but that other prisoners did not seem to be doing as well. Lori had expressed her concerns for the others to him.

Although phone privileges were restored it was not clear when visiting privileges would be permitted to resume. The prisons have been closed to visitors since the strike began. The US Consular officer was permitted to visit under the rules of the Vienna Convention.

As parents, we are grateful to Bishop Luis Bambaren, head of the Council of Bishops for the Catholic Church in Perú, for his compassionate request to the prisoners throughout Perú to end the hunger strike.

Rhoda will be visiting Lori on Saturday March 30.

Urgent Action -- Please call White House hotline!!!!!

With President Bush scheduled to leave Washington next weekend for trips to Mexico, Perú, and El Salvador, it is imperative that he hear from supporters and our request that while he is in Perú he secure Lori's release on humanitarian grounds.

Urgent -- Please call the White House hotline at 202-456-1111 on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday next week and ask your friends and relatives to do the same. Press "O" for operator and ask the operator to urge that President Bush do all in his power to secure Lori's release on humanitarian grounds and bring her home to her family and friends.

Many, many thanks!!!! - Rhoda and Mark Berenson