News from Lori's Parents

22 December 2002

In this update:

Lori's "thought" for the new year - a "miraculous solution" for attaining world peace

In a letter to Rhoda, Lori commented about her observations of a baby visiting her prison wing being rocked to sleep in a lawn chair:

"When Micaela gets hysterical you just put her in the lawn chair and move it and she's thrilled. My theory is that if the NASA folks could create a giant lawn chair to cradle the planet perhaps we could attain world peace. It's such a miraculous solution!"

Lori sends holiday message

Huacariz Prison - Cajamarca, Perú

8 December 2002

Dear Friends,

I very much thank you for your concern and support over the years.

In this holiday season and with the coming of the new year, a point of reflection for all should include what we can do to make the world a better place, with less war, less hate, and fewer excuses for killing fellow man in the name of wealth, power, or greed -- which is just so wrong.

My personal reflection, which has grown over these years in jail, is that if we all don't work to humanize this world I don't know how we'll end up, and I believe we owe it to the future generations to leave them a better world to live in.

In this light I will close, wishing you the best in this holiday season and hoping for a good new year.



End-of-year message from Rhoda and Mark

We join Lori in thanking you for all the support you have given her and us. Lori has now completed her seventh year wrongfully imprisoned in Perú and she still remains true to her beliefs in social justice and human rights.

As you know, the Inter-American Commission has brought the case in defense of its position favoring Lori to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in San Jose, Costa Rica. In September, the Court agreed to hold hearings and the case received its initial commentary when the Court convened in late November. We are concerned that this process could take two or more years while Lori suffers in prison for no reason. We are also concerned that Perú might not comply with the Court decision - even though as a member of the Inter-American Court system it has agreed to abide by Court decisions.

In the new year we will once again be urging President Bush, Secretary of State Powell, and members of Congress to persuade the Peruvian government to release Lori as soon as possible.

We thank each of you for supporting our efforts, either financially or with letters, phone-calls and/or actions. Financial contributions to the Committee to Free Lori Berenson have helped us to maintain the office in Washington, travel to Perú to visit Lori, and continue the fight for her freedom. We hope you can help us continue in this struggle. Any amount you can contribute will be especially appreciated (please click on the DONATIONS box on the home page of the Website and, of course, we always value your active and moral support.

We hope 2003 will be a year of positive changes in the world.

Wishing you and your loved ones the best for this holiday season and wishing peace and justice for all.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson