News from Lori's Parents

30 November 2001

In this update:

Lori begins seventh year of wrongful incarceration

Today is a particularly sad day for us - it marks the sixth anniversary of Lori's arrest on a public bus in downtown Lima. It is incredible to think that Lori has spent six full years - that is 2,193 days, practically one in every five of her life -- behind bars, mostly under horrendous and sometimes life-threatening conditions. Her appeal to Perú's Supreme Court following her June 20 sentencing has not yet been looked at. By Peruvian "law," which is rarely followed, the appeals process is supposed to take two weeks. More than five months ago, following the sentencing, the U.S. State Department urged Perú to expedite the appeals process but, instead, our Peruvian ally has chosen to "slow it down."

Tonight we will be thinking of Lori, her courage, and her strength of conviction. We know she is innocent and we will continue in our efforts to bring her home so that this is the last November 30th that she spends incarcerated.

Hot off the press -- updated version of Rhoda's book

An updated version of the book "Lori: My Daughter Wrongfully Imprisoned in Perú" has just been published in paperback by Northeastern University Press. This edition includes a new 45-page Epilogue recounting Lori's civilian trial and the frustrations we faced as we followed the circus-like spectacle during the more than three months we lived in Lima.

The book can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or ordered directly from the publisher at Northeastern University Press - all on the internet. For those of you who want to order an entire case of books as holiday gifts there is a 50% discount if ordered through the publisher.

Mark visits Lori and they celebrate their birthdays

On Sunday, November 18, Mark spent the day with Lori in Santa Monica de Chorrillos Prison, celebrating their birthdays - Lori's was 32 on November 13 and Mark will be 60 on December 29 but won't be returning to Perú before then. Mark brought in a large birthday cake that was shared with other prisoners and their visitors and also loads of summer clothing donated to the prisoners from some of Lori's supporters in California.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson