News from Lori's Parents

10 May 2001

In this update:

The Inquisition

We would like to draw your attention to two articles that were just placed on the website.

The first is an English translation of an article by Peruvian novelist Eduardo Gonzalez Viana, "The Inquisition in Lima in 1736 and in April 2001: Lori Berenson." The Spanish original was published in the Peruvian newspaper Liberacion. This is the first newspaper account in Perú that has defended Lori and told the Peruvian people what this trial is really about.

The second is a detailed account of nine courtroom sessions in Lori's current trial by human rights observer Marie J. Manrique from Rights Action. Reading this should give you some sense of the "inquisition in Lima -- April 2001."

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson