News from Lori's Parents

20 March 2001

In this update:

Hearing begins -- Lori speaks from behind bars

The open hearings began this morning. The proceedings were all in Spanish so we cannot provide details. But the visuals did not need translation. Lori was behind bars like a caged animal -- although she was a very pretty and tranquil one. Not only was this degrading but it is a clear indication that Lori is presumed guilty even though the American Convention on Human Rights and Peruvian law require that she be presumed innocent.

Lori stood very poised for approximately 90 minutes while the prosecutor's charges were read and case file described. Mysteriously, it seemed that most references were to witness testimony from 1995 even though those witnesses, in their recent testimony, without duress or threats of torture, have presented different information.

Lori spoke for a few minutes and we will publish her statement after it is translated.

Check local newspapers and internet for photos.

The trial resumes Thursday at 9 a.m.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson