News from Lori's Parents

5 June 2001

In this update:

Prosecutor unprepared -- Trial moves along at a snail's pace

Today the Prosecutor (Fiscal Superior Carlos Navas) was scheduled to give his closing remarks but said he was unprepared. You may recall from a previous update and Reuters article that he was supposed to be prepared three weeks ago but the trial dragged on as the court decided to permit numerous documents to be read into the record. At Friday's hearing he was specifically told that he would be giving closing remarks today. After a brief statement in which Prosecutor Navas absurdly opined that the trial was fair and that Lori has received full due process, the court was adjourned until Thursday. At that session, Prosecutor Navas is supposed to give his closing remarks, followed by the Special Prosecutor (Procuador Mario Cavagnero), followed by Lori's lawyer, José Sandoval. It is very unlikely that Sandoval will complete his remarks on Thursday, calling into question the timetable given by the Court to Reuters last Friday that indicated a verdict on June 19.

Chief Judge Marcos Ibazeta to remain

Also in today's hearings, we heard the decision of the higher court regarding the recusal of Chief Judge Marcos Ibazeta. The higher court concurred with the lower court that such a request for a judge to step down needed to have been filed at least three days prior to the start of the hearings. You may recall that Lori's lawyer filed the request at the beginning of May based on the evidence that Chief Judge Ibazeta had made prejudicial remarks about Lori and that he was also a supporter of the Fujimori-Montesinos regime.

Peruvian presidential election

On Sunday June 3, Alejandro Toledo was elected President of Peru one year after he was deprived of possible election by the fraudulent actions of the corrupt Fujimori-Montesinos regime. Mr. Toledo will be inaugurated on July 28.

We have the highest hopes for a Toledo government. It is wonderful that an Incan descendant has assumed the Presidency. He will need the support of all the people because the tasks facing his country are formidable. Before there can be real democracy and a new day of justice in Peru, it will be necessary to eradicate the corruption left from the Fujimori-Montesinos period. And it will be necessary to reform the judicial and penal systems and assure social justice for all.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson