News from Lori's Parents

22 December 2001

In this update:

Lori is moved to remote northern prison

Yesterday the US Embassy in Lima informed us that Lori was moved to Huacariz Prison in the city of Cajamarca in the northern Peruvian highlands.

We have heard that the climate is good there, although we are a little concerned about the altitude (9,000 feet -- significantly lower than at Yanamayo Prison in Puno but higher than at Socabaya Prison in Arequipa).

Although Cajamarca is only 360 miles north of Lima ("as the crow flies") it is accessible only by air (only one flight per day) or a 20-hour bus ride. This makes it extremely difficult for her lawyer to consult with her about her court appeal to which, by Peruvian law, should have been completed 15 days following her sentencing but has languished for more than six months.

The press has claimed that the move was for "disciplinary reasons" but everything that happens to Lori has political reasons. We will not know more until her lawyer and Rhoda visit this coming week. Lori had no inkling that a move was forthcoming when Rhoda visited her last week.

National Organization of Women (NOW) calls for Lori's release

We are grateful to NOW for passing a resolution urging Lori's release. NOW has over a half-million active members in all 50 states and champions issues that Lori agrees need addressing. The text of the resolution will appear on Lori's website after the new year.

Rhoda's book now available

Several people had difficulty in obtaining the paperback (updated) version of Rhoda's book "Lori, My Daughter Wrongfully Imprisoned in Perú." The publisher (Northeastern University Press) has informed us it is now in stores or can be obtained via the internet within 48 hours from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or directly from the publisher.

Wishing you all and your loved ones all the best for this holiday season. - Rhoda and Mark Berenson