News from Lori's Parents

29 August 2001

In this update:

About Lori

As reported in the Associated Press' historical daily highlights, yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the Peruvian government's announcement that its Supreme Military Council had admitted that Lori was wrongfully convicted of treason and annulled her conviction and life sentence. What a year it has been! Who would have believed then that one year later notorious spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos would be in jail and that Alberto Fujimori would be disgraced, hiding in Japan, and charged by the new Peruvian Congress with crimes against humanity.

Ironically, according to the Associated Press (August 27): "Fujimori says he will stay in Japan indefinitely rather than return to Peru, where he says he would face 'a circus' instead of a fair trial." We guess he was following Lori's "trial."

In September, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell will be attending an OAS sponsored conference in Lima (September 10 and 11) and meeting with Peruvian officials and later in the month (September 21) Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo is expected to visit Washington DC. This will provide an opportunity for the Bush administration to continue the dialogue on Lori's case that it began with the new Peruvian government this past June.

Democracy Now update

Pacifica Radio is still refusing to air Amy Goodman's award-winning program Democracy Now. Many of you have joined in support for Lori because you heard her voice or learned about her from Democracy Now. Demonstrations and other campaigns to keep Democracy Now on the air have been planned. For more information, see the website

Visiting Washington?

If you are planning a trip to Washington DC please consider contacting Gail Taylor, National Organizer of the Committee to Free Lori Berenson, at 202-548-8480 or

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson