News from Lori's Parents

16 August 2001

Rhoda recently visited with Lori and found her in good spirits. She sends her thanks to all of you for continued concern and support for her and for us. She has been working with her lawyer on her appeal and writing about her trial, Peruvian politics, and prison life.

In this update:

Help keep Amy Goodman and "Democracy Now" on the air

We hope many of you were able to hear Lori on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now program on July 30, July 31, and August 1. If not, you can access Lori's interviews on the web

Unfortunately, Amy Goodman has had difficulties with Pacifica Radio for the last several months that escalated last Friday. On Monday, Amy Goodman broadcast from a remote site for safety reasons but Pacifica Radio refused to transmit via its satellite. As of this morning, the news is that Ms. Goodman and Pacifica Radio are in negotiations.

You may recall that Amy Goodman was the first journalist to interview Lori - in March 1999 at Socabaya Prison in Arequipa. However, the interview was not broadcast until September 2000, after the military court annulled Lori's conviction. Democracy Now and Amy Goodman have constantly reminded their audience of Lori's plight, even at times when other media ignored us. And Lori is just one of the numerous important issues involving human rights and social justice that is typically ignored by mainstream media but taken up by Ms. Goodman. Amy Goodman sets the standard for ethical and principled journalism.

For more information, and what you can do to help keep this important voice on the air, we encourage you to check or

Lori's appeal process moves forward

The file on Lori's case has moved to the prosecutor at the Supreme Court (an appellate court not to be confused with the Constitutional Tribunal which is like the U.S. Supreme Court). Lori's lawyer Jose Sandoval believes it will be passed on to a five-judge panel within a month. He has already submitted a written "appeal" and will be permitted to make a very brief oral statement to the panel. The appeal is primarily based on lack of evidence of guilt but also indicates the numerous procedural violations of Peruvian law that occurred in her trial. Lori does not face this panel. We do not know how long the panel will take before delivering their decision.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson