News from Lori's Parents

17 September 2000

In this update:

Bulletin! The Fujimori Government calls for new and immediate elections

Unable to overcome the biggest scandal in his 10-year rule, Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori announced last evening that there must be new and immediate elections and that he will step down and not run again. This will mark the end of his authoritarian rule climaxed by his recent fraudulent reelection to an illegal third term. It is widely known that he has synergistically shared power with intelligence chief Vladimeros Montesinos for many years but the latest scandal involving the bribing of about two dozen recently elected members of the Peruvian Congress to switch party alliances and thereby give the Fujimori party a clear majority of the legislative body was too much. The Fujimori party won 51 of the 120 seats in the Congress and 23 officials have, in the past few months, switched alliances giving his party 74 of the 120 seats.

We do not know how these events will affect Lori. PLEASE, for further information follow our updates or check the website. Our e-mail is still "backlogged" and it is difficult for us to respond to individual questions at this time.

Urgent call to action

We need your help. Please call President Clinton immediately at the White House hotline at 202-456-1111. Urge him to take all necessary action to secure Lori's immediate release, ending her corrupt "show trial" now. She has given 3 days of testimony, answered all questions, and has maintained her innocence. He must free Lori now. This must be the time!

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson