News from Lori's Parents

30 November 2000

This is day 1,828-- exactly five years since Lori's arrest.

In this update:

Fifth anniversary of Lori's arrest - Nov. 30, 2000

Local groups commemorated the fifth anniversary of Lori's arrest. Vigils were held outside Peruvian Consulates in San Francisco and Paterson, NJ. There were events at the New College in Sarasota, FL and at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. In addition, there were vigils in Miami, FL, Tucson, AZ, Orange County, CA, Washington, DC, and Chapel Hill, NC. On Saturday, December 2 there will be an event in New York City. (See upcoming events below.)

Please remind people to continue to call the White House hotline. We would like to flood the operators with calls from November 30 through December 25. Call 1-800-663-9566 or 202-456-1111 (press 0 for operator)

Talking points:

  1. Lori Berenson has been wrongfully held for over 5 years and should be released.
  2. A majority of Representatives and 44 Senators support Lori's release
  3. President Clinton must act soon! Bring Lori home for the holidays.

Mark returns from Perú

Mark saw Lori on Sunday. She remains concerned about the lack of due process in her current, civilian trial, particularly her inability to meet with her lawyer more than a few minutes a week. A delegation from Amnesty International, when visiting Perú last week, noted similar concerns about Peruvian laws that limit access to lawyers.

Mark also met with the U.S. Ambassador John Hamilton and the new Peruvian Justice Minister Diego Garcia Sayan to update them on Lori's case before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

In a meeting with Lori's lawyer, Jose Luis Sandoval Quesada, Mark learned that the public oral hearing portion of Lori's trial might not start until after Christmas.

Last week Lori was visited by Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein from New York and Rabbi Guillermo Bronstein from Lima. This visit was arranged by the U.S. Embassy in Lima. The Peruvian rabbi requested of prison director Colonel Camacho that he be able to visit Lori on a regular basis. Colonel Camacho denied the request.

Upcoming events

Check for more info on upcoming events.

Please join us for the following:

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson