News from Lori's Parents

6 November 2000

This is day 1,804 of Lori's wrongful incarceration in Perú.

In this update:

Lori votes by absentee ballot

Thanks to the extra efforts of U.S. Consular Officer Mary Grandfield in Lima, Lori cast her votes on Friday November 3. This was the second presidential election that Lori has participated in from a prison cell and we hope it will be her last.

The status of the "trial"

It is expected that today the prosecutor will officially request more time to gather more testimony. It will take about a week for officials at the Terrorism Court to rule on this request. If this extension is denied, the public, "oral" phase of the trial will begin immediately. If the extension is granted, this public phase will not start until December.

Washington Post interviews Lori

On Saturday, November 4 an article "Behind Peruvian Bars, but Still Unbowed" appeared on the front page of the Washington Post. The article, based on a more than two-hour interview at the prison on Thursday, can be found on Lori's website. The Washington Post website (see Archives) also has an "audio" -- you can hear Lori discuss prison conditions, free speech, her regrets and prison life. We submitted a letter to the editor clarifying and correcting some points and this soon will be posted on Lori's website immediately after the original article.

Woodstock event

Our deep gratitude to Bart Meyers and Alice Radosh for sponsoring the event on Sunday, November 5, which we heard was very successful in spite of the fact that, due to airport delays, we were unable to attend. Bart and Alice carried on without us. We thank Bart and Alice and all those who attended and are very sorry we were not able to thank them personally for their support for Lori and for us.

"Burlington birthday bash" scheduled

Next Monday is Lori's 31st birthday. Lea Wood, Vermont Coordinator of the Free Lori B Committee, is planning a birthday event for Lori at the Church Street market place in downtown Burlington on Saturday, November 11, from noon on. She is asking for volunteers to assist her -- Lea's email address is

There will be a greeting card with a cover illustrated by a local artist and colored pages for people to sign. And there will be a continuous showing of "Convicted by an Image" at the adjacent Peace and Justice meeting room.

Rhoda's book

A "five-star" review of the book appears on the site. We encourage you to write your own reviews and send them to Amazon. You also might ask your local newspaper to review the book -- a good way to keep Lori in the press. Your local newspaper can request a review copy from the publisher.

- Rhoda and Mark Berenson