Writing to Lori

It would raise Lori's spirits to receive letters, postcards, and/or photos from supporters. Please write, and ask others to write.

Teachers: A card, consisting of a folded sheet of paper with the signatures of all the students would be appreciated, and indicate to Lori how many people are thinking about her and are aware of her plight. One 7th grade class made beautiful cards for Lori.

Rules and Restrictions on Letters

The prison authorities require that letters respect certain rules.

Mailing Information

Over the past several years, Lori has frequently been moved among prisons. Since there is no way of knowing how long she will be held at her current location, the best way for her to receive mail is through her parents. To have them deliver correspondence to Lori on their next visit, please send it to:

The Committee to Free Lori Berenson
320 E. 25 Street, #2AA
New York, NY 10010

Spanish Phrases

These are some Spanish phrases you may find useful in you letter to Lori.

Free Translation Service

All letters to Lori must be written in Spanish If you don't know Spanish, you can use a free translation service available over the Internet.

  1. Read the restrictions on off-limit topics!
  2. Go to http://babelfish.altavista.com, and type your note to Lori in the space provided. Or, you can write your letter in your word processor, and then cut-and-paste the text directly into the area in your browser. (Please preface your message with a statement that it is a machine translation.)
  3. Select the appropriate translation (e.g. English to Spanish)
  4. Press the Translate button.
  5. Your message is 'automagically' translated!
  6. Cut-and-paste the translated text into your word processor (or Notepad, etc). To do this, highlight the text, then select Copy from your browser's Edit menu. Switch to your word processor, then select Paste from it's Edit menu.
  7. Print your letter.
  8. Send it to Lori. Mailing information is listed here.