The Trial of Lori Berenson

Breeze Bryson

June 20, 2001

Condemned by the Peruvian Tribunal,
Condemned by the powers that be.
Condemned by her very innocence
in a country where no one is free!

Betrayed by a friend she thought loyal,
Betrayed by her own country,
Betrayed by a system of injustice
where her goal was to set others free.

Admired for her courage and compassion,
Admired for her honesty,
Admired for her eloquent statement--
In her truth lives reality.

Lori accused is now the accusor,
Indicted is the state of Peru!
The crime is institutionalized violence.
For Lori, this knowledge is not new.

She recalled Chile's singer, Victor Jara,
Gerardi of Guatemala, Romero of El Salvador--
Three of many assassinations
of the saviors of the poor and of the poor!

And around the world people listened
through radio and TV.
"Guilty" was their verdict for the Tribunal.
The "Convicted" Lori was the only one free!