The Protector

Neil Cohen, M.D.

May 2000

Alberto Fujimori fought the rebels in his land
Made the army ever stronger to protect you from that band
Made DINCOTE for to seize them so he'd have the upper hand
Made Peru a little safer, and his power did expand.

Joy, Compinche, joy
For the evil he'll destroy
The terror cannot persevere
Their mission he will cloy

Alberto Fujimori silenced congress for a while
To enforce his welling warrent, his dominion and his guile
Suspending just and equal laws became his standard style
Arrested Missus Fuji when she called his tactics vile.

Sing, muchachas, sing
Let your gladsome voices ring
DINCOTE's in your village
And your cares will soon take wing.

Alberto Fujimori, as his strength and fury grew
Took to murdering opponents (meant no harm to me or you)
Took to kicking out his jurists when his orders they'd eschew
My God how much injustice must the future years undo.

Run., señora Run!
Grab your daughter and your son
DINCOTE's in your neighborhood
The inquest has begun.

Alberto Fujimori said tribunals will decide
Who is faulted with transgressing into rebel homicide
But his judges they were faceless, neither fair nor qualified
So his dungeons hold the guilty and the innocent beside.

Cry, pequeña, cry
For your momma's sure to die
In the prison where the hooded man
Commanded that she lie.

Alberto Fujimori is the worst of all the blights
That beleager peaceful people when the tyrant finally bites
He shames the southern sunrise and the star-filled austral nights
For he stole your hard-won liberty and sacred human rights.

Pray, amigo, pray
For you cannot get away
DINCOTE's at your threshold