Poem for Lori

Laurel Brett

Tell me if you can
    the color of the sky
above my cell.

Does the air fade
    to purple above the mountains
darkened by the tears of clouds?

Is the atmosphere
    lit blue by the joyful shouts
of children I may never see?

Are the clouds
    still white, the fleece
of hopes that float away?

Do rainbows tint
    the mists of time
where a future still exists?

Do grasses smile green above a plain?
    and rivers flow
    and oceans rage
    and stars illuminate the night?

Does the sun still glow?
Does the dawn rise rosy-red,
    the sunset pink,
    the dusk an inky indigo?

Do birds still bejewel the morning
    pouring notes that spill
    against the velvet quiet?

Or is all now
    dull    gray    airless    silent