Lori Berenson

Breeze Bryson

November 1997

A young woman's left in prisron
in a small, harsh, freezing cell,
forced there by Peruvian terrorists
in a heartless, living hell!

Convicted without due process
for crimes she didn't commit,
sentenced to life in prison
in this cold and waterless pit.

And the mighty 'land of freedom'
acts as if it had no power
to challenge the Peruvian government!
No way to make it cower!

No way to free their citizen
held in violation of every law!
No way to stop her torture
by hooded faces she never saw!

How is it we could get Noriega
and bring him to stand trial?
But we can't resuce Lori Berenson!
Twenty-one months is a very long while!

Are we going to wait 'til they kill her,
bring her body home under our flag,
and say how much it gives us pain?
The thought of it should make us all gag!

For all that Lori Berenson did
was work to help the poor!
It seems for the Peruvians in power
that was too much to endure!

So they took her off to prison, making very sure
that her plight would give warning to such as her
to help only the rich and mighty
and let the poor take care of the poor!