A Voice in the Distance

Larry Stoltenberg

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Just a young girl, with ideas all her own
Working with the people, in a land far from her home
Hateful of a government, so cruel and so unkind
They really didn't like it much, when Lori spoke her mind

Riding on a bus that day, in November '95
Arrested, taken away you see, to a courtroom to be tried
The charge was conspiracy, to bring down the regime
No jury and no evidence, just like some bad dream

I hear a (her) voice in the distance, crying to be free
She tried to help her fellow man, to live like you and me
Now she's in a prison cell, on a mountain far away
Praying for us to raise our voice, and bring her home today

She had no chance to defend herself, or try to clear her name
What can you do in a place like that, where justice has no claim
Guilty said the hooded judge, the verdict it was read
While Lori stood and listened, with a gun held to her head

© Copyright 1998 Larry Stoltenberg -- Ames, Iowa

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