January 11, 2000

Statement from Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton

Since I cannot be with you in person, I send my deepest support to Lori, to Rhoda & Mark, and to all those working for Lori's release from the prison in Peru. I want to join in solidarity with all the supporters on this fourth anniversary of Lori's wrongful sentencing to life imprisonment. I hope and pray the nationwide vigils energize our efforts, support and sustain Lori and her parents, strengthen the campaign, and hasten Lori's freedom.

It was my privilege to visit with Lori recently. I admire the strength of her spirit and the generosity of her heart. She speaks of human dignity, peace, truth, and love.

May all the efforts and energy we can offer to the campaign bring about her release and freedom!

Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton is a true champion of human rights and social justice and he has travelled around the globe to promote this. Bishop Gumbleton is the founder of "Bread for the World" and he is also the founder of Pax Christi USA, an international peace organization.