Lori's 1999 birthday card for her father

Lori's wrongful incarceration now spans two millennia! Oy! Enough is enough! Or is it? This page shows the card she made for her father on Mark's 58th birthday, December 29th. The "smile face" drawings of Mark, with bald head, mustache, beard, and eyeglasses, is something they have shared for years. On this occasion, taking advantage of Mark's former profession as a statistician, Lori shows that despite four plus years of horrible incarceration, she still maintains her sense of humor and her ability to do algebra!

The card depicts Mark, the professor of statistics (i.e., "doctor of numbers") posing a question to himself, calculating the number of days he has lived. After Mark makes this calculation, the third frame of the card "says it all!"

Given that Charles Schulz has just retired, leaving an "opening" for a comic-strip writer who wants to focus on social issues, and given how difficult it is to get Lori's mail out of Socabaya Prison in a timely fashion, it is essential that we take all actions to secure her release immediately!!!