Updated: 19 December 2011
2 December Associated Press Lori is granted an exit order, allowing her to visit New York for the holidays. More... 2 March The New York Times Magazine In depth interview with Lori profiling her life from childhood up though her adjustment to life after prison. More... 9 February The Independent (London) An interview with Lori as she begins building her life out of prison and on parole. More... 24 January AP A Peruvian appeals court upholds Lori Berenson's parole. More... 18 January BBC Lori is interviewed by the BBC. More...

Lori's Parole Upheld on Appeal

A three judge panel has rejected an appeal by the Peruvian State Prosecutor that would have returned Lori and Salvador to prison.

Lori Reincarcerated

Sadly and unjustly, Lori and Salvador have been returned to prison today. Right after Lori was released on parole on May 27 the state prosecutor appealed the judge's decision. On August 16 there was a hearing on the appeal and today, August 18, there was a decision to annul the parole based on a procedural issue that was not the responsibility of Lori or her defense.

Lori and Salvador are Granted Parole!

On May 25, 2010 a Peruvian judge, after carefully studying Lori's application for what in Perú is termed "conditional liberty" (parole), determined that Lori has earned her freedom. Lori and her son Salvador will be leaving prison in a few days and moving to an apartment in Lima.

Lori Has Baby Boy

Despite the odds she faced owing to compromised health after 13.5 years of incarceration in harsh Peruvian prison environments, Lori gave birth Wednesday morning May 6th in Lima. Salvador Anesporí Apari Berenson was delivered via Caesarian-section due to Lori's precarious back condition that will require delicate spinal surgery to prevent permanent nerve damage. Surgery will be scheduled after she recovers from childbirth.

Lori Berenson is a US citizen currently on parole in Lima, Perú after serving 15 years of a 20 year sentence for collaborating with a subversive group following a civilian trial that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights claimed completely violated her rights.